Tom and Irene

Irene is 67 and Tom is 71.  They’ve been married 17 years and have known each other for 27.

How did you meet?

We met on the job.

What was your life like, what were you doing when you met/got together?

Tom: Divorced, working long hours and stagnating

Irene: I had been single for about 5 years.  I was seeing someone. We both worked for a beer company. When we got together as a couple, Tom had been inviting me to go to Kerrville for about 10 years and I finally went.  Tom was not working for the beer company any longer, but I was.  We had kept in touch all those years by telephone.

Were you actively looking to be in a relationship?

Irene: Neither of us was looking to be in a relationship with each other.

Tom: No

What first attracted you to him/her?

Tom: Her blue eyes and big boobs

Irene:  He was very good looking.

I’ve had people tell me that there was a certain instance when they ‘knew’. Was there a specific time or event when you knew that this was the person you wanted to be with long term? 

Irene: I knew the first weekend we were together at KFF. * My problem was how to make it happen since I lived in Houston and he lived in Dallas.

Tom: Yes, in a tent in Sudden Creek ((dry)) @ KFF *

What if anything did you learn from previous relationships that you feel has helped you build this one?

Tom: Age and prior experience

Irene: Honesty above all.  Not just honesty but being truthful and faithful which all falls under the honesty tab.  I wanted a man I could trust.

How do you feel that your creativity impacts your relationship?

Irene: It makes life not only interesting, but as I told him before we got married.  Life with me will be many things, but I promise it will never be boring!

Tom: You need creativity just to maintain.

You have varied interests, some of which over lap and some that seem to be a long way apart. What effect do you think this has on your relationship?

Tom:   The secret ingredient!

Irene: I think our interests together and apart make our relationship stronger and deeper.

On what did or do you base your decision to be married or not to be?

Irene: We both needed to be in a legal “partnership”.

Tom: For us it’s the big “C” (commitment), a friendship in the truest, no open anything, understanding and vocal.

Any words of wisdom for others who think they want a relationship to last as long as yours?

Tom: Don’t look, think, or concern yourself about what happened in Vegas!

Irene: I don’t feel that we have been together that long, but if I had a thought of why we are still together it would be because we love each other.  We have been through some very difficult times together.  Some things so hard I’ve wondered how we would make it through.  Stick together.  Set goals and work to achieve them. Amen!

* KFF refers to the Kerrville Folk Festival.  You’ll find numerous references to it on this site because I have so many friends who go there.  It lasts for 18 days and almost everyone camps there.  Being away from your ‘normal’ life and responsibilities while dealing with heat, magical late nights and a campground crowded with other people really takes you outside of yourself.  It’s been the start of relationships for untold numbers of couples over the last 45 years.


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