Robin and Sue

Sue is 63. Robin is 64. They’ve been married since 1971 and say they were together for 6 years prior to that. They met when Sue’s brother set them up on a blind date. They were attending separate colleges at the time.

You can find Sue online at

Were you actively looking to be in a relationship?

Sue: Yes. I was looking for a trustworthy, honest, dependable male. Tall, strong, decisive, stable.

Robin: I was new to the US, and was looking for a fun relationship.

What first attracted you to him/her?

Robin: God knows, she spent the first 3 hours talking to a guy on her other side (at a football game), but later on we got to know each other. She had a good sense of humor, was fun to be with, held her booze extraordinarily well, and was cute, and sexy.

Sue: Tall, athletic, cute, English accent.

I’ve had people tell me that there was a certain instance when they ‘knew’. Was there a specific time or event when you knew that this was the person you wanted to be with long term?

Sue: He told me he would give me the world if he could.

Robin: I knew the weekend she came back to visit, after I almost blew her out of a third story window, when our gas stove blew up.

What if anything did you learn from previous relationships that you feel has helped you build this one?

Robin: I learned that sex was not the most important criteria.

Sue: I learned from my parents’ relationship what not to do.

How do you feel that your creativity impacts your relationship?

Sue: I love my spontaneity & it heightens my relationship. Creativity keeps it moving.

Robin: My cooking, I think was one of the keys???

You have varied interests, some of which over lap and some that seem to be a long way apart. What effect do you think this has on your relationship?

Robin: Our best moments came under the pressure of really tough decisions around what to do with our daughter. Boy did we get on the same page fast, and stay on it.

Sue: Our co-ownership of solving problems is hugely impactful for us & our family. Those things way apart are great teaching moments for learning acceptance & love for just who we are.

If you run a business together, what do you view as some of the challenges and rewards of this life style?

Sue: Have had a great deal to do w/children in business together – not enough influence to have kept it going. They are their own people & journeys.

Robin: I actually look forward to helping the boys, while in retirement. I need to learn to only give advice when asked, and then drop it.

On what did or do you base your decision to be married or not to be?

Robin: To spend every day with my best friend.

Sue: To share this life together.

Any words of wisdom for others who think they want a relationship to last as long as yours?

Sue: Don’t think it doesn’t take work, but the results are so much more than just a “relationship.” There are many different levels in a long-term relationship. Growing with (not necessarily together, in the common sense) one another allows for each to be their own person within the relationship. That freedom makes for the ability to BE with one another long term and to appreciate each other.

Robin: Second all of the above. Have the confidence to be yourself and let your partner be themselves.


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